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B'at Mitzvah Celebration of Allyson Michelle Snyder

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Before the Celebration

Special friends and family pose for portraits

Family Portrait Circa 1910

This is how they might have looked in 1910

. . . but in the year 2000, the family looked awesome!!!

Here I am with the Snyder side of the family

Teens at a pool party; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Here I am with Bubby and my cousins from the Simon side of the family

Dancing teenagers; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Doesn't everyone look fantastic in their tuxes and fancy dresses?


Grandmom looks so happy surrounded by all of her grandchildren


Can you believe that's Victor's mother, not his date? They really look amazing, don't they?


Martins West is such a gorgeous place. Just check out the chandelier and the velvet couches. Cool vase.
My cousins are waiting patiently for the festivities to begin.



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